Poem – “Out comes the fire”

And I cannot stop burning.

The words inside me spewing out;

I am a volcano of vocabulary,

a masterpiece of a mudslide,

a nicely created natural disaster

which has no barriers, has every feeling

that I’m feeling flung out farther than I can fathom: a flickering, fierce flame far-reaching

Into the halls of humanity,

The corners, nooks, and crannies of culture,

Into the sewers and the secret whispers of society I go –

And everyone can see me bare

Among the wreckage of my life

In my own little Pompeii.

Poem – “too sensible or too sensitive?”

(Based on May poetry prompts by Instagram user youhavegroundedme!)

I guard myself, walls rising

in my soul, around my heart

so I can never fall apart

at the hand of another.

But I still hurt from all the other

people and their actions;

no barriers between them and my reactions

to their knives in my back.

Do I have a heart,

or have I been hurt so much

that a heart is what I lack?

Poem – “this vow riding my shoulder”

(Based on May poetry prompts by Instagram user youhavegroundedme!)

There’s a chip on me, right between

my neck and my back. Chiseled between

what I am and what I lack, it is tacked onto me, a part of me. A crack in my perfect facade, a sink in my bath, a chunk missing

from my armor. Yet, it makes me stronger.

Because it is missing from my pack, it is

my paramour; always what I want, a knack

to gain it; my drive for my aims. I take the reins on my own story; I will obtain this glory

I seek. That is a vow I intend to keep.

Poem – “there’s no shame in forgetting”

(Based on May poetry prompts by Instagram user youhavegroundedme!)

I do not take stock in the fact

that you no longer take stock in me.

Your presence flies away; a whisper

fluttering through the trees that only

is noticed when the cold creeps up my back

and when I am too mired in what I lack.

But when it is warm, I am warm

and sunlight streams down from the baby-blue sky; a new beginning for you and I

(one where you can not worry about me

and I can forget about the tragedy of us and you).

Poem – “write your worries into wisdom”

(Based on May poetry prompts by Instagram user youhavegroundedme!)

One (You Won):

Never let yourself go alone into

the darkest depths of your crevices;

you are never alone, no matter how much

the shadows cloud your vision;

for shadows are from other people

surrounding you and grounding you

within the paths you pave your journey through.

Two (For You):

You do not have to smile until

your cheeks burn with your inner hurt, for

the casual cruelty of curtness can be

the worst knife in your back. Do not lack

connection with your inner emotions –

they will keep you in motion.

Three (Keep This In Mind For Me):

You are the sun of everyone’s lives,

the apple of all eyes; do not burn your fire

out and reduce yourself to a cinder, a dying

ember, for you are the flames of passion

yourself. The world will burn for you;

you will not burn for the world.

Four (Tips? More!):

Let the world know you truly – it is better

to have no boundaries than to have

your experiences filtered for

comfortable consumption. Instead, shatter

assumptions with your gumption and grit.

Five (To Be Alive):

Golden rules on golden thrones

do not conduct pyrite-plated promises.

Keep what is good for you;

then yourself you will know true.

Poem – “these floodgates open to”

(Based on May poetry prompts by Instagram user youhavegroundedme!)

The candles blow out, the flame whipped

by the wind into submission as quickly

as it sparked my soul. Now the depths

within me below bellow loudly, “We are

growing! Changing! Ever-moving, faster

than light!” And I am alight with emotion.

Who set this chain of events into motion

to bring me in front of those I hold dear,

gathered here today in front of me?

What drew them to me? What kept them

in my orbit? They may be planets,

but am I the sun? Am I that important

to be one so special out of so, so many?

Does anyone have an answer? No,

they just smile. I make a wish on stars

miles and miles above me, hoping that I

know someday why everything is what it is

and why everything will be. It travels

silently on the tip of my tongue, pushed

out of my mouth, and is picked up

and scattered into existence on the breeze.

Poem – “incredibly credible”

(I have been writing poems based off a list of prompts by Instagram user @youhavegroundedme for the month of May, and decided to make today’s poem about the incredibly credible, strong bond between mother and daughter! As it is Mother’s Day, this poem is dedicated to my lovely mother: my best friend.)

Founded with the strongest cornerstone are we;

our bond stretches across the sea

and around the globe, never wobbling,

never faltering, always growing stronger

and sturdier.

You gave me life; a lovely, lively spirit.

And even with the wear and tear of life

it perseveres; never breaking the covenant

through thick and thin;

your love grows from within and spills

out into the world through me;

we will stay together forever, no matter

what may come to be.

For you are my mother, and I your daughter;

we are tied together through blood and water, chosen and given family;

our bond the best it can be.

Escapril 2021 Day Thirty – “even now, after everything?”

(And with this poem, Escapril 2021 is officially complete! I had so much fun growing my poetry-writing skills over these prompts; I am so excited to see what next year’s Escapril poetry challenge will bring!)

I can hardly believe my eyes!

There you stand, patiently against

the backdrop of the torrential

flood of summer rain, pouring down

and soaking through your umbrella,

asking if I would stand under it…

with you.

Even now, after I left you to find

your way in the unknown dark

of the pitch-black summer night,

unguided by the obscured stars?

I never thought you’d make it this far.

I never thought you’d want to make it this far.

I did not know you’d want me enough

to go this far after my getaway car

drove me to my secluded hermit hideout

among the trees.

Not to be among people and their lies

slipped through smiles

chock-full of white teeth.

I did not hold that level of admirable

belief in you.

But you did in me.

For even now, after everything,

you wait patiently in front of me

until I let you in and join you

under your umbrella.

Escapril 2021 Day TwentyNine – “goodbye”

Bittersweet around the bend

as I turn the corner, waving a final wave

to the ones that send me off

with the best packaging and love and care

they could muster up for me.

I’m heading off into a world

unlike the one I know to be;

the real world afloat with danger

of the stranger kind.

I miss the ties that bind,

but they will keep my strong;

and with the string that keeps me to them

I can always find my way back

to once again (one day hopefully) say hello.

Escapril 2021 Day TwentyEight – “extreme dissonance”

Your skin crawls under my touch;

shaking, shivering up and down your spine

in zig-zagged lines.

I’m sorry, did I scare you?

For that was never what I meant to do —

but if it is a horror to behold me, so be it.

Your darkest, deepest secret is safe with me to keep it,

lock and key,

deep within me.

So why are you still frightened,

looking for a way out?

I am a part of you;

try as you might, you cannot cut me out

or hack me from your body

with the axe you grind as you grit your teeth;

no matter how much you seethe

or convulse at the thought of me,

I am still living within your mind,

adding to the din that rings in your ears,

screaming “Listen to me, for I am present!

I am here!”